3D stickers, domed labels

3D- or doming stickers have an added 2 mm lensoid layer of synthetic resin. The resin is transparent and adds a 3D effect to the motive beneath. The coating adds a notably precious and high-class-look with a wide range of use cases from product labels to art projects. These stickers are definitely an eye-catcher.

3D stickerThis stickers are known as 3D stickers

  • 3D stickers are ideal for products, devices of any kind and industrial facilities
  • flexible usecases, suitable for metal, plastics, stone (smooth surface) and more
  • 3D stickers are a highlight in every ad-campaign
  • small runs, starting at one piece with 4c print
  • durability: 3-4 years

Sticker in small numbers > Free sizes, individual punching and many special materials
> Up to 3 years weatherproof through Eco-Solvent-Technology
> Express production within 48h possible