Sticker Advertisment

sticker advertisment at the streets

Stickers are one of the most striking advertising media of all. Since 1940 stickers were used in advertising and in todays urban life there is no possibility to evade them. No other advertising medium is so spontaneous and flexible. Sticker advertising works simultaneously inside and outside, and has the ability to reach all areas of urban life. We find advertising stickers as an display in shops and cafes, concerts or distributed in promotions. Stickers work well as a side dish in magazines, as a mailing or product inserts.
Our stickers printing company specializes in advertising stickers and leaves no desires for your project . With a wide range of materials, finishes, printing techniques, formats and refinements we print the correct label for each advertising objective. Highlight your advertisment with circular, transparent, matt or shiny neon-colored stickers. Achieving maximum attention with unique, custom-cut stickers. You can refine your stickers with spot colors, with back print, with tab(Die Lasche zum ablösen eines Aufkleebers) or 3D effect. You can choose different advertising medias like postcard sticker, bumper stickers, window stickers or bike stickers.

You see, the range of promotional stickers is infinite. There is nothing adhesive we can not realize in our print shop. Quality is available for every budget. Contact us for an individual price request . You will be surprised how cheap we can print highquality sticker. Our offset and digital printed stickers are unbeaten in the price. If you already know what you want to print then take look in our online shop and calculate your price on the product page. And agencies will be counselled about the preparation of their campaign.

Innovative advertising stickers

Stickers in special colors and shapes are not enough for you? You want to print more than "just" Sticker? No problem! Sticker advertising goes much further. Since we are dealing not only with the print of stickers but the phenomenon sticker itself, its effect and its options, we have gathered much experience about the use of stickers in the recent years. Experience that benefits your advertising. With our customers we have implemented unique advertising campaigns. We have stickers piñatas, stapled form of stickers, sticker calendars, self-adhesive sticker-brochures and sticker magazines. Sticker productions are particularly interesting if intended for a specific use . Stickers can raise the attention of your advertisment in special situations like waiting at traffic lights, at the ATM or on a shopping cart.

We believe that creative advertising with stickers still has untapped potential. Talk to us, we help you to produce a really effective advertising stickers . We will gladly send you samples of our previous productions. 

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