Adhesive stickers without glue

Adhesive stickers are stickers without glue. They use electrostatic forces to stick on many plain surfaces for months. The stickers are removeable without residues, partly reuseable and have no need of an annoying chipping. Therefore they are well-fitting for many purposes, e.g. in advertisement and decoration. With the minimum order quantity of one piece, you may customize your sticker at your desire. Of course we provide those stickers with outline cut.

electrostatic, clean, reuseable

Completely gluefree adhesive labels are exceptionally suitable for many plain surfaces like windows, acrilyc glass or displays with a lacquer coating. The adhesive force is strong with these ones, creating a tight connection between sticker and surface, which persists for many weeks. The adhesive force does not leave any visible residues, so the need for cleaning is eliminated. Therefore adhesive stickers are ideal for exhibition booths or point-of-sale (POS) displays.

Adhesive Stickers in everyday life

The adhesive force enables the sticker to stick at doors and furniture.  You may order custom-made items as we offer a minimum order quantity of one piece, aiding you in your individualiseable indoor decoration.

Professional Version: Yupo Tako

Compared to adhesive foils YUPOTako foils use micro suction cups to stick without glue at all. The holding force does not cease even after a long time as it might happen to adhesive foil stickers. The bubblefree deployment of YUPOTako foils is straightforward and really easy. They are suitable for stickers with logos, text and photos. The used ink and the material are weather proof and UV-resistent. And these stickers are reuseable.

Tako is the japanese word for octopus and relates to the microscopic suction cups on the stickers backside. YUPOTako can be used on all smooth surfaces (e.g. furniture, glass, tiles..) working as good as the suckers of an octopus. This foil is the best choice if you need glueless stickers.

YUPOTako® advantages

  • Everybody can deploy it bubblefree
  • easy deployment and removal
  • adheres without glue thanks to microscopic suction cups, no stickiness, no glue residues on any surface
  • the backside can be cleaned with water, when the suction power decreases so it is reuseable many times
  • no use of PVC, therefore eco-friendly 
  • meets requirements for toys (WKFS340 & XAD1069)
  • can be used for a wide range of printing techniques
Sticker in small numbers > Free sizes, individual punching and many special materials
> Up to 3 years weatherproof through Eco-Solvent-Technology
> Express production within 48h possible