postcard stickers


For sticker postcards we offer a special postcard composite-material. With the combination of sticker and postcard your advertising message spreads beyond general mailings and leaves a remarkable impression within your customers. The material consists of a 100µm thick PVC-stickerfoil on a 190g/m² carton backside. The backside is white and has no crackback. Both sides can be printed in 4-color-print(CMYK). The frontside is varnished with an UV lacquer and thus has a well-protected, high-glossy surface. Kisscut on the frontside in nonattached forms is possible, so customers may peel off different parts of any motive and use them as stickers.

If you wish we meliorate your postcards with an additional highquality effect lacquer coating. This coating is printed with serigraphy and can cover parts or the whole postcard.

The sticker-postcards can be printed with an UV offset machine and serigraphy.

Warning: If the sticker surface gets above 75°C the UV color starts to oxidize and faint. Depending on the period of use the stickers work as car stickers. The minimun order quantity due to technical standards is 5000 pieces.

Postcard stickers:

  • printed on high quality composite material for postcards: ORACAL 1643
  • possible formats: ISO A6 or ISO 269 DL (110 x 220 mm)
  • Frontside with brilliant UV lacquer finish
  • coated backside for the best printing quality
  • perfect results based on latest printing techniques
  • 4c/1c: Frontside – colored, backside – b/w or:
  • 4c/4c: both sides fullycolored
  • nonattached kisscuts on the frontside