Aufkleber als Stickersheets - angestanzt auf Bogen

Stickersheets or "stickers on sheets"

Stickersheets are widely used merchandisers or goodies for products that build on brand idendity. With a well designed stickersheet, your target audience will use these little eyecatchers to spread your word and show their committment to your brand. Your value is an wider presence of your claims and brand(s) and an effective multiplying effect  - whenitcomes ot sales, nothing is of more value than a customer that recommends your brand.


Cut contours of highest quality

At, we do not stick to standard shapes for cutting processes. We give your stickers nearlyeveryshape you want. since stickersheets comewith a so called kiss-cut (only theadhesive layer is cut), your stickers can have much more complex contours than with a classical die-cut. 

Aufkleberbögen, Anstanzungen im Detail

Screen printing or offset - why not both!

Depending on your design, use scenario or target audience, your stickers may better come with special colors or special-effect finishing from screen printing - or with full CMYK color space from offset printing. If required, we combine both (see samples). Imagine, you want offset print because you need highest resolution, but your sticker needs a screaming neon color, that will look much better in screen printing. We calculate and schedule your production in a way that all processes work together perfectly well, at fair costs and always under professional supervision.

In addition, stickersheets can be printed onboth sides. For example, advertisers or product tags in outdoor and sport equipment require a resitant screen print. However, the backside of the stickersheet can be still printed with full CMYK colors. Whatever you want to use your stickersheets for, we can provide you with a reasonable and cost-effective print production.

Product samples

Aufkleberbogen 2-farbiger Siebdruck mit Neonfarbe, unregelmäßig gestanzt

2-color screen print with neon orange on white vinyl adhesive, anyshape kisscuts
used as insert with the technology magazine T3N, quantity 25'000 pcs.

Aufkleberbogen eingeheftet in "art spezial" Magazin

UV-offset on vinyl adhesive without crackback for better handling, cut contours (kiss-cut)
insert in "art spezial" magazine, quantity: 20'000 pcs.