Just stick, don't glue - stickers made of Yupo® foils

YUPO® LogoSometimes sticker printing requires very specific solutions regarding material advantages, like stickers without adhesive glue. 

YUPOTako® transforms any flat and even surface into a space of your creativity. No glue, no PVC, environment friendly and reusable (read: re-appliable).

2 scenarios - 1 solution

In your showroom, you want to adress specific advantages of your product or even invite your customers to try special features. Labels that are applied directly to these products must be removable without anything sticking on the product's case or surface. Additionally, wouldn't it be nice, to reuse the labels several times?

Another scenario: window decoration. Not only a hobby for children, but also an eye-catchernur in your shop-window. Don't bother with dryed glue residues, just remove the sticker and use it somewhere else or later again.

The advanced, ecological hi-tech materials from YUPO® are your solution.

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Anwendungsbeispiel YUPOTako®: Wiederverwendbare Etikettenlösung zur Bemaßung von Unfallschäden

Sample: re-usable label for measuring car bumps on proof-photos

How YUPOTako® works

YUPO OctopusTako is japanese and means Octopus. That is exactly how it works: instead of a glue layer, the material is backed with microscopical small vacuum cups , so smal you can not see them even on the transparent YUPO® materials. However, on a flat and even surface their vacuum sums up to a impressive adhesion - just like on the Octopus' tentacle.

YupoTako is bubble-free and easy to apply. It is a strong and resistant material that can be removed, reused and reapplied while the print pigments and the material color stays brilliant clear. 

Clean with water

Since there is no glue, it can not dry and lose its power over time. In case the YUPO® label loses its sticky power, probably dust is the problem - just clean the label with water and there you go.  Don't worry, our weather and light-resistant print easily resists some water.

Samples of use

  • household products, energy labels, first-usage instructions
  • automotive sales (showrooms, fairy trades) - do not use on safety car glass surfaces
  • changing decoration (shop windows, smartphones)
  • toys (material available with certification)

Do not use for

  • safety car glass (different temperature adaptability of saftey-glass and foil my lead to glass damages)
  • as a bumper sticker while driving
  • screen surfaces

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Left: Decoration for an iPhone® (back side), Right: Advertising sticker - kiss-cut in each case
Left: Decoration for an iPhone® (back side), Right: Advertising sticker - kiss-cut in each case