car decals

Individual printed foils are a versatile ad medium for facades of buildings, show windows and cars. If you want to personalize your car or need a catchy, recognizable look for your company fleet, stickers are very suitable. Stickma provides car decals for the most numerous variety of requirements.

A widespread printing method for decals is the offset printing. Offset-stickers have an average weathering-resistence, but can be produced in large quantities for very little money. The minimum quantity is 500 pieces. Thus offset-stickers are ideal for short term campaigns with cars. As these decals are easily removeable, there will be no residues on your car afterwards.

Another often used printing method for long-lasting decals is serigraphy. Serigraphy, or silk screen printing, is one of the oldest printing techniques of the world and even today is often used if you need very durable stickers. We offer silk screen decals starting at one piece. These stickers are weatherproof for at least 5 years and therefore perfectly applicable for the design of your company fleet. Of course these stickers are completely removeable.

EcoSolvent stickers are on the price range somewhere between silkscreen- and offset-stickers. The stickers are outdoor-approved for at least 3 years and can be produced starting at one piece. Decals emerged from EcoSolvent print may get as big as 1330mm x 10000mm so they are convenient even for huge vehicles.

Another type of decals are "foil plot" stickers. These are adhesive labels that are not printed, but cut out of a colored foil. This kind of decals are at least 3 years weatherproof and are available in a vast variety of colors. Because of cutting the motive out of the foil, these stickers fit to every rounding of your car.

All stickers are non-permanent and can be easily removed. If you want extra protection against vandalism and weather, it is possible to attach the decals on the inside of a window as we print them mirror-inverted on a transparent foil. We can help with creation of print data of course.

If you have additional questions, feel free to ask via e-mail or our contact form.