Silkscreen Sticker on Eggshell Film

Short Description

Sticker print on weatherproof Eggshell seal adhesive film. These stickers are almost irremovable, once applied, the extremely strong adhesive bonds to the substrate and the film breaks when attempting to remove it. For all applications that need to be extremely durable.

Additional Informations

EGGSHELLSTICKERS are stickers for extreme requirements. Usually thought of as a forgery-proof seal, this adhesive film sticks to almost all surfaces with extreme adhesive strength, which increases with the duration of the bonding. If you try to remove these stickers, the foil breaks into small pieces like an eggshell. These stickers are suitable for all applications where a heavy or almost impossible distance is the target.

The stickers are printed in high-quality and extremely weatherproof silk-screen printing. The surface of the stickers is silver-iridescent. Punching and punching are possible. When printing metallic or neon tones, please ask for an individual offer.

The reverse side of the material is not slit. The stickers are not removable.

Printing is done in weatherproof and extremely durable silkscreen printing. All colors according to HKS or Pantone are possible, also neon and metallic effect colours. The prices stated here refer to normally pigmented colours. NEON, NIGHTGLOW and METALIC COLOURS such as SILVER, GOLD, BRONZE etc. are subject to surcharge.

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Information on the quantity

Screen printing stickers can be produced from as little as 1 piece, but bear in mind that very small runs can be uneconomical due to the high initial costs of screen printing.

Data Check

We control the data sent by you according to print resolution, trim, perforation, transparency and fonts. Our customer support will contact you in case of problems with your file. Please note that if you do not select this option, your data will not be checked before printing.

All information on how to create your file correctly can be foundhere.

Information about the materials

Neon paper, metallic foils and other special materials are available on request. You can find all about our stickers in screen printing here.

Information on the number of colours

An extra screen must be coated for each colour in screen printing. This is why multicolour prints cause higher costs. By superimposing the ink layers over each other, additional color gaps can be created in screen printing. Special colours or special lacquers are available on request.

Allowed file extensions to upload: jpg,jpeg,psd,tif,tiff,eps,pdf,ai,tar,zip,rar,gzip

Upload of data

You can simply upload your print motif here via browser or enter a share link from Dropbox, GoogleDrive etc. or your FTP/Webspace in the field below. The link must be accessible via browser. Access to password-protected data should be checked with us in advance!

Cutting options information

Stickers shorter than 40 mm & smaller than 34 cm² cannot be cut and must therefore be offered with a die-cutting.

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