Die-cut stickers, outline-cut, freeform

We offer die-cutting for your stickers, too. If you want a different pressing, choose the right option in the product-choice-box. Take notice that regular die-cuts comprise the circular shape, rounded corners, squares and other rectangles. Irregular die-cuts are all other freeforms. example die-cut stickers

Even if you wish for an absolutely exact trimmed size, we can die-cut the stickers rectangular. Thus the usual tolerated offcut caused by the stackcutter will not apply.

Please construct the die-cut lines in your file within a seperated layer called „Kontur“. The line should be 1pt thick and in vector format. If you want to die-cut colored stickers, please make the backgroundcolor available at least 1.5mm thicker than the die-cut line. This avoids white „flashes“ at the edges of your sticker. Basically whole sticker sheets can be die-cut, too. Make the outline of your KISS-CUT stickers available in 100% CYAN and the DIE-CUT in 100% MAGENTA. We offer die-cuts from 30€ net.