Questions about stickers

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Paper-stickers will be printed on coated 90g/m² self-adhesive paper. For foil and vinyl stickers we will use environment-friendly HDPE or PP carriers or more durable vinyl (PVC) material.

If you need a specific material (including but not limited to colored foils, matching specific criteria or standards / norms, please contact us! We can order almost every material available on the market for special productions, and can calculate also medium-quantity productions with specific requirements.
An overview about standard-materials and application purpose:

Product Material UV-Coating backside print Outdoor
Sticker Economy Adhesive Paper - yes -
Sticker Standard Adhesive Paper yes yes 4-8 weeks
Sticker Wheater-Proof Adhesive Foil white (PP or PVC) yes yes about 12 months
Sticker Transparent Adhesive Foil transparent (PVC) yes - about 12 months
various materials
on request
- on request about 3-5 years

Stickma offers a wide range of matt stickers. We can apply a matt clear varnish to foil stickers in offset printing. These stickers have a noble look but are also weatherproof.

Alternatively, we offer a matt lamination for our small print run. In addition to its appearance, the lamination protects its sticker from abrasion and heavy mechanical stress.

CMYK means the scale colours cyan, magenta, yellow and black (for key). In four-color printing, almost all color tones can be achieved by subtractive color mixing of these four basic colors. Exceptions are e. g. gold and silver or neon colours. These must be printed with a special color (e. g. Pantone, HKS). (see next section)

Please always create your graphics in CMYK color mode

Many of our products can also be printed with special colours (HKS, Pantone).

We always print silk-screen stickers with individually mixed colours according to Pantone or HKS. For offset printing, an additional pass through is required. Therefore, a surcharge is added to the normal printing price. This surcharge is per color. If you print several stickers with the same special colours, you only have to pay the surcharge once per colour.

In addition to special colours according to Pantone or HKS, we can also print special neon and fluorescent colours in screen printing. If you are interested in this sticker, please contact us.

We also offer punching and contour cutting for all stickers. This allows you to have stickers cut out in the shape of your logo or in a certain shape. Stamped star-shaped stickers or emblem-shaped stickers are also possible. In addition to foil stickers, we also manufacture die-cut paper stickers! Basically, you can choose between a punching or a punching (also called punching out) for all punching operations.

It is best to create the punching line in your file in a separate layer. The line should have a thickness of 1pt and be in vector format. Punching lines in cyan are customary in the industry for punching operations and punching lines in magenta for punching operations. If you want to punch stickers with a border-wrapping design, you should apply 1.5mm bleed allowance. This avoids white lightning flashes at the edges of the sticker. Further information on the correct data creation for punching can be found in our Knowledge-Base.

Apart from the small print run, we can print each sticker on the backside.

Our offset stickers can easily be ordered in the online shop with a backside print option. For silkscreen stickers printed on both sides, please send us an inquiry via our contact form and we will send you a suitable offer.

The print data is at best embedded in a two page PDF. Alternatively, you can send us an archive with 2 separate files for front and back side.

In UV offset, we print with UV-resistant ink (wool scale 7-8), which is particularly weather-resistant. This does not correspond to the colour Euroscale, i. e. the colour tones can deviate slightly from the usual colourfulness. If you depend on a completely exact color, e. g. corporate design, please order a print with spot colors.

Our uv-inks are light-resistant in most scenarios and our resistent and transparent stickers are suitable for outdoor use. In contrast to our paper materials, these stickers are water-resistant, and protected by a special varnishing against wear and scratches (for example by dust, sand etc.).

However, heat may become a problem for our stickers! Temperatures above ca. 75° C (approx. 165° F) can lead to oxidation of the colour pigments. The sticker may lose it's colour and fade. When using our stickers on cars (bumper stickers), depending on the car's colour and/or intensity and duration of sunlight, this critical temperature may be reached. In general, one faded sticker does not stay for the whole production. We always deliver more stickers than ordered. Therefore, some stickers may be from a test run (and still look good) and have a too thin protection- or colour layer. If a problem with our stickers occurs, please make sure, the major part of your delivery is affected.

If heat is unavoidable in the application environment of our stickers, screen printing or flexographic printing can help, as heat-resistant colours can also be used in these printing processes. Unfortunately, this is not possible in offset printing. Contact us, we would be pleased to offer you a special design at fair prices.

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