Individual sticker with digital printing

Individual sticker with digital printing

Aufkleber in Kleinauflage, formgestanzt & als Stickerset

Digital printing is ideal for smaller batches . We print your stickers from 1 piece for the best price you can find in Germany . Digital printing means that the sticker are sent to the press directly from the computer and printed there. There is no static pressure plate required so we can print a different motive on each sheet.

We print on eco-solvent method on PVC foil and cut , punch or refine the stickers according to you wishes . A major advantage of the sticker in the digital printing process is their longevity. So the sticker are weather resistant for more than 3 years in all colors. For an even more weatherproof sticker, we offer an additional lamination.

The method allows us to work very flexible in printing. We can cut your stickers in special form or any arbitrary free form. Even kiss-cut stickers are possible. This is useful for example for sticker sheets or details of the sticker to make separately removable. The size of your sticker can vary from 10 mm to 133 cm in width and extend over 5 meters in length. Calculate yourself price on the product page .

Another specialty of our stickers in individual quantity are the many special materials, we can print on. We print glue-free stickers on adhesive foil . On the backside there are many tiny suction cups to glue the sticker to any smooth surface without leaving any residue.Removable stickers on security foil can be applied exactly once. 3D stickers are covered by us with a lenticular resin layer. Through the coating in the 3D or doming sticker will get brighter colors and the sticker makes a very high-quality impression.

Additional we offer stickerfoil plots for individual quantities. These are colored adhesive films. We cut them exactly to your wishes. They are the best to produce accurate labels or bumper sticker . The stickers in the film section we ship on a transfer foil for an accurate positioning.

Sticker in small numbers > Free sizes, individual punching and many special materials
> Up to 3 years weatherproof through Eco-Solvent-Technology
> Express production within 48h possible

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