Free stickers for the good cause

Aufkleber für die Aidshilfe
Aidshilfe Leipzig 2014

Since the beginning of our sticker printing we have been supporting clubs and groups fighting for the good cause.

That's why we print free stickers for non-profit organizations that run with the normal commercial print jobs. Paying customers at enable us to print free editions of stickers. We would like to invite non-profit associations or organisations to send us their designs, from which we will then select suitable motives for printing. This campaign is limited to 3 prints per month.

At the end of the month, we select 3 motifs from all the submissions, which we will print. Remember that we need more time to produce these stickers than the products available in the webshop. The stickers should reach you within 2 months.

Notes of Berlin
Notes of Berlin 2014

Your sticker should have the following dimensions:

Size: 15x5 cm or 7x10 cm
bleed allowance: 3mm (for borderless motifs)
File format: vector PDF (font must be embedded) or bitmap PDF (CYMK)

Stickers that do not meet the above mentioned requirements will not be considered.

When selecting the supported projects, we proceed absolutely subjectively. Please do not contact us with hints & questions about this promotion (except for press). All needed information can be found on this page. Legal recourse is excluded.

Echoes of the Future eV 2014
Echoes of the Future e.V. 2014

Of course, we often receive more than 3 stickers that are worthy of support. Projects that have not been considered can apply again next month. Please do not contact us with any questions as to why your sticker has not been selected.

Chaos Computer ClubChaos Computer Club 2012

The projects selected by us will be published on our Facebook page after the deadline. Please visit our Facebook-Fanpage (You don't need a Facebook account).

Projects that have been supported by us should post a text link to our website – - after receiving their stickers.


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