Print transparent sticker

Transparent stickers have a transparent backing material, which makes them useful wherever the otherwise white carrier made of adhesive film or paper is perceived as being invigorating, for example with logo-stickers or product labels. Even if the square shape of the adhesive film does not match the design of the actual print motif, the printing of transparent stickers can still be the right choice.

Weatherproof for outdoor use

The high-quality UV offset printing on transparent PVC adhesive film is waterproof and weatherproof. In addition, we refine all transparent offset stickers with a UV varnish to protect your stickers even better against environmental influences.

Free white print

When transparent stickers are glued on dark backgrounds, the background colour naturally influences the appearance of the printing inks. On dark backgrounds, the printing inks also appear much darker, and on colored backgrounds, even mixing effects can occur. To avoid this, we offer the printing of a white layer at no extra cost. This white level is printed under the actual printing colors (CMYK) only where you create it in the print data. This allows individual areas to be printed underneath, so that the colours continue to stand out.